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Websites have a lot going on in the background – constant maintenance updates, security threats, etc. When you enrol in a Digital Renegades Website Care Plan, our team becomes your team. We handle all of the tricky, time-consuming website elements for you so you can stay focused on your business. Let us do what we do best, and we’ll enable you to do the same.

Your website is the keystone of your business’s online presence, and it’s essential to keep it maintained to stay in proper working condition. Just like a car engine, forgoing maintenance might seem fine at first – but, over time, it will cause expensive and detrimental damage to your car. Consider us your website mechanics, ensuring you get the most out of your investment long-term.

Our services includes

Dedicated Hosting

Because bad neighbours can bring bad times to your website when you’re on shared hosting

Security & 24 / 7 Monitoring

Relax while our team do the work. It is our job to ensure your website is protected, maintained and secure. Safeguard your site from spam, malware and other threats with daily scanning, hackers & spam denied, and website monitoring.

Daily Backups

Trial new features and functions on your site without worrying about accidental downtime.

Up-to-date Plugins

Guide users to the information they need and get them to take the actions that matter to you.

Free Migration

Seamlessly add, remove, and modify website pages as your business grows and evolves.

Managed Licenses

Avoid overpriced plugins and shady developers while getting the functionality your site needs.

SEO & Performance

Rank higher and give site visitors the smooth, error-free experience they expect from you.


Get the best for your WordPress site with a team that’s exclusively focused on WordPress.

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We like you to always know exactly who you’re working with. Everything is done in-house (no outsourcing) with our team based in the Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

We also accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard & Visa. We do not accept Cheque payments

Of course,
Just bear in mind that at times updates can have unexpected side effects across your site. The possibility of an unexpected side effect will increase drastically when your site gets bigger and more complex, especially if you start to use more software components.
We will make sure you have back-ups in place for both your site files and database before when we make any changes.

Websites can break
It’s not what you want to hear but its completely normal for a site update to break a theme, page layouts and or any other custom built elements across your site. We see this all the time.
Making updates and backups can be straightforward. But we make sure we are always prepared in case something goes wrong.

If you are on a care plan this is unlikely to occur but should the worst happen we will have backups in place, along with procedures to get the issue resolved right away!

If your not already on one of our care plans you will need a one-off website evaluation and tune-up service. We will assess the situation, create a plan, if we can solve in 2 hours we will get this resolved for you if not we will provide a full quotation to fix your issue. 

Absolutely. We are passionate about your website and business, so we will be sad if you go. We don’t want lock anyone into a plan should they not want to be in one. You can request a cancellation via email and we will let you know what licenses you will need to purchase and will immediately stop your next payment.

Our support hours can depend on which support plan you are on. Our normal working hours are 9:00am – 6:30pm GMT +5:30 (we are based in Indian) Monday-Friday, depending on the time of year.

If you have website requests that require more than your dedicated monthly time, we’ll let you know. We provide offers for bulk hours to be purchased. If you purchase bulk hours you can roll any unused time and use it at a later date. If it’s a large request, we’ll send you a quote to get your approval before we proceed. If you need a one-off set of hours we will quote accordingly before you exceed your limit.

We sure do, to find out more please contact us.

Yes, your website will need to have been built on WordPress and we will require all of your CMS, Hosting & FTP login details in order to begin.


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